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My Textile 

Nearly most of them are from my previous coursework.

Basic wool stuff I
Cuticle, cortex, and keratin

The very basic structure of the wool fibre from outer to inner

merino wool sheep.jpg
Swimming with wool
Degradation of wool fibre in the marine environment

The degradation of wool swimsuits is unavoidable in the natural marine environment. The alkaline condition in seawater and the presence of microbes which secrete proteases are the major factors of its degradation. Nonetheless, one of the features of natural fibre is its high degradability. According to some swimsuit brands, a synthetic swimsuit should last between three months to a year, depending on the wearing condition. A swimsuit's lifespan is so short compared with other apparel, and it is not a bad idea to decompose naturally in the marine environment through microbes and seawater and back to the natural food web. (still working on the mobile version!)

merino sheep swimming in the ocean.jpg
Basic wool stuff II
Wool under microscope- Fibre to Powder!

Very basic introduction about wool in microscopic level (Publish around June)

The Eco-effectiveness of Recycled-Wool Blend Apparel
A Comparative Study
on the Physical and Performance Properties of
Pre-consumer Recycled and Virgin Merino Wools

Stay tune! (Postponed, and we are now working on a possible publication.)

recycled wool.jpg
Protective gloves for oil rig workers
Resistance to cuts, impacts, and chemical permeation (working on it)

This project proposed a protective gloves design for oil rig workers in Alberta to resist cuts, impacts, and chemical contamination on hand. The background and the potential risks from oil rig stations and glove-wearing have been introduced, and the materials selection and structure design are responses to those hazards. The test methods associated with the above dangers that suit the North American standards (ANSI) are suggested. With suppliers located near Canada, production could be more efficient. (Publish around July)

oil gas industry .jpg
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