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Hi! I am Wing Sem!

I am ready to graduate with an MSc in Textile Science at the University of Alberta. I worked as a knitwear designer and marketing officer at Xinao Textiles after my undergraduate studies at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University with a knitwear design and technology major. Wool and cashmere are the materials that I am familiar with. For sure, I am also interested in other textile materials and investigating their possibility in the future era of eco-efficiency. Eco-efficient is my design focus, and I am passionate about participating in the sustainable fashion industry. If you are also excited about cradle-to-cradle designs, I will be your great team partner. I like to draw in my leisure time. Drawing my designs from ideas to something visible is so fascinating to see. Since I don't have my own knitting machine (gonna buy a hand-flat knitting machine if I move to a bigger unit), I can't do any knitting experiments as I want ;( (and I can only knit plain knit due to my limited hand-knit skill). I used to spend my whole summer holiday in the knitting lab during my undergrad. I love working on STOLL ADF (sorry Shima Seiki ). Yet! I think I have blurred memories about how to operate the machine and software. But! If I have an opportunity to work on them, then everything will come back. Okay, back to drawing. I love to explore different painting styles and create different characters. I usually use SAI and Adobe Photoshop for my illustrations, and sometimes Adobe Illustrator if graphic design is requested. Playing around with Adobe InDesign is fun too! I am so wordy! To learn more, please get in touch with me for the resume.

Are you ready to take a look at my work?

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